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Elevate your fitness with our state-of-the-art EMS smart suits, over 3,000 expert-led fitness classes, and hundreds of comprehensive nutritional recipes.

At-home Is the New Gym

Challenging the Fitness Status Quo

SmartWear is redefining what it means to ‘hit the gym’ in today’s world. We’re pioneering a movement that integrates revolutionary EMS technology into daily fitness routines, at a price point that’s accessible for all.

Our ecosystem is about bringing the future of fitness to your doorstep, offering the full spectrum of wellness, from high-tech workouts to holistic nutrition and virtual classes. Join us in making elite fitness a part of your life.

The Smartwear Approach

EMS Re-engineered

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) began in the 1960s, reaching prominence in the early 2000s as elite athletes like Usain Bolt and top-tier footballers used it to edge out the competition. Today a 20 minute workout is the equivalent to a 2 hours intensive gym session.

3,000+ Instructor-Led Classes

Experience the Ultimate Fitness Revolution

SMARTWEAR+ provides our members with access to thousands of instructor-led classes that cover all areas of fitness from strength training, Bootcamps, Pilates, Dance and Wellness. We offer daily live classes for members who wish to feel part of our community and several EMS specific classes with tutorials. You can access these from our mobile application or cast to your own TV. 

Holistic Fitness

Nutrition Meets Innovation

At Smartwear, we recognize that a healthy diet is just as vital as your workout routine.

To complement your fitness journey, we’ve included access to our exclusive Smart Nutrition platform, featuring a growing collection of over 300+ meticulously crafted recipes, complete with step-by-step cooking instructions and detailed nutritional information for every meal and smoothie.

Simplified Meal Planning

Designed for Your Lifestyles

We know life doesn’t pause for meal planning. That’s why we’ve curated weekly menus complete with convenient shopping lists for all necessary ingredients. Plus, indulge in the visual feast of professional photographs showcasing the final culinary creations, simplifying the cooking process for all 300 recipes.

Transform your eating habits with ease, thanks to Smart Nutrition – your partner in balanced living.

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